Who am I ?

¿Who am I ?

Waldemaro Martinez began as speaker in 1980 in one of the transmitters of the circuit leader Union Radio 1090 A.M. and after making several programs were united to megateam like one of the founders of the Mega Station in 1988. Between the programs made by Waldemaro Martinez in radio they emphasize Venezuela All Color, the hour of the Dream and the Love, Disc Report, the Musiteca and live program.

Waldemaro Martinez also has developed an important activity in the televising scope, between the diverse made programs emphasizes Alive the Youth, transmitted by Radio Caracas Television (RCTV) in 1986. There also one evolved like speaker of promotions from 1986 to 1990.

At the Waldemaro present time Martinez she is one of the voices more known not only in Venezuela but in Latin America as well as in important North American cities. Additionally one evolves like speaker of several transmitters in Venezuela, of HBO OLE for all Latin America, KQ 97,9 FM in New York, Sauce 1030 A.M. in Trimming, Group Comunications Mega in the cities of Washington, Boston and Filadelfia, Tropical FM in Philadelphia, Brave FM in Connecticut, Odd habit 92,9 FM in Dominican Republic, 88,9 FM in Bogota, of the Super Circuit Station in Colombia, and Universe 93,7 in Santiago of Chile.

In addition, Waldemaro Martinez is the voice that it identifies to the Bank of Venezuela, Leaders Entretaiment Group, Flours My Table and Oil Vatel de Cargill of Venezuela, Ariel de Procter & Gambel, Evenpro, Water Brother Production, Ketazol of Laboratories Vargas, Rayban Lenses, Lois Trousers, Gillette, Plumrose, Imgeve between many others.

Lawyer in Publicity of the University Institute New Professions and with advanced musical studies, Waldemaro Martinez widely dominates to instruments like the Creole ARPA and the keyboard. By his outstanding work in means, he has been decorated with the Meridian of Gold like Better Speaker of Radio and Television from 1991 to 1994 and Better Disjockey in 1991 by the House of the Artist. Also, he was recognized like Better Speaker of Latin America by the Embassy of Chile in our country in 1997.

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